Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This weekend was another big game weekend.  Mississippi State was set to play LSU.  I love the atmosphere at SEC games.  The hype is just so much more intense and then of course there is always a bigger crowd that descends on Starkville.  We decided to let Elle have a weekend with CC so that Kenny and I could have a little together adult time.  I drove down and met my mom in Meridian for the exchange and then drove back Friday afternoon

Friday night was also Bulldog Bash.  I was not all that enthusiastic about the headlining band, The Black Crowes but did decided to go eat with Kenny and two of his friends that were in town. We headed out for margaritas and Mexican food.  After a few drinks I had a change of heart and decided to go to Bulldog Bash for a little while.  But shortly after arriving I was burning up from the humidity and the large crowd and my feet had been stepped on 10 times.  So I left and went to bed.  I am getting old. Kenny and his friends had lots of fun though.

The next morning more friends came in town and we hung out at our condo before heading to the tailgate.  We all worried it was going to being miserably hot but it actually turned out to be very nice.  We enjoyed lots of good food and hanging out before going into the game.
Kenny and I enjoying some couple time a the tailgate.  
Some of the guys.
It is no secret that the Bulldogs were not favored to win this game but they surprised everyone and played their hearts out in the first three quarters.  We were even winning at one point which I took a picture to document!
Unfortunately it all went a little down hill towards the end of the game but we still had a blast cheering on our team!

By Sunday I was exhausted and was missing Elle so incredibly much.  I missed her the entire weekend.  Any time  saw a little girl.  I was so ready to go get her!  She and my mom had such a great weekend together though and she came home and is still talking about it!
My mom took Elle to her friends house for lunch and I received this picture. Ha!

And our friend Richard from college took these pictures of Lena this weekend and sent them to me.  She is getting to be an old dog so I wanted to include them and mention her on our family blog!

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