Friday, October 11, 2013


So I am thrilled that there is an amazing little pumpkin patch in this area. Elle says "punkin" when talking about her pumpkins.  It is a small drive but good authentic pumpkin patches usually are.  On Tuesday, we went with some new friends.  A little girl in Elle's class named Abigail and her mom Sarah who I have become friends with.  

We couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day.  It was just cool enough to break out some boots.  Hooray for boot weather.  Elle and Abigail had a ball and were worn out by the end of it.
The best selfie we could manage.  Elle was mastering the squint/scowl ha!
Elle and Abigail doing some swinging.
When we started school Elle's teachers kept calling her Abigail and I can totally see why.  
Sweet girls do favor each other just a little bit.

Love this sweet picture!

Funny enough, the next day Kenny took the morning off wanted to take Elle to the pumpkin patch for himself.  It was a much cloudier day but Elle was so excited to show him "her" pumpkin patch.

We started off with the hayride and then Elle wanted to go play in the corn.  She loves the giant sandboxes filled with corn kernels.  The high light of the day was watching her on the barrel choo choo train ride.  It is a pretty long ride and they wind their way through the entire pumpkin patch.  Elle loved it but every time she could see us she would just wave and wave. It was another one of those moments I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt.
Ugg.  Definitely not our best family seflie.  But I am kind of enjoying putting 
these family pics on here. Just the phase of life we are in!
Rolling around in the corn.
Waiting on the choo choo ride.
Having a daddy pep talk about staying on our bottom while the train is moving ha!
Still waiting.  We had to wait for a big field trip class load up.
Finally taking off!

I imagine that we will find ourselves at the pumpkin patch at least one other time before this season is over.  And I imagine we will enjoy it just as much!

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