Thursday, October 3, 2013


This past weekend we drove down to Fairhope so that Kenny could sail in a big Regatta with his Dad.  I cannot say it enough.  I am so happy that Kenny's parents retired to Fairhope.  It is such an amazing little town, the water, the yacht club, the SHOPPING, the restaurants.  It is just the perfect place to get visit on a regular basis.

Saturday was day one of the race so Kenny and his Dad were off early in the morning.  And Mrs.Ann loves to play with Elle every second she is there so she sent me off to shop and enjoy the day.  I am so appreciative of this time.  This weekend I had my mom drive down from Hattiesburg because she wanted to do some shopping herself and had never been into a lot of the shops down there.

We had such a great day and I got some cute things along with buying my black boots that were on the NEED list for the fall.  After a long day of shopping my mom headed back to Hattiesburg and Kenny and his Dad came home with pizza and we watched college football.  

Sunday, Kenny and his Dad left early again.  So Mrs. Ann, Elle and I just hung around and relaxed.  I did make a quick run to Target where I hit the jackpot of maroon clothing for great clothes.  I actually had to put maroon stuff back.

That afternoon we all headed up to the yacht club to meet Kenny and his Dad for the award ceremony. We thought they were going to get first (like they always do because they are pretty good) but they got second on a technicality.  Which kind of stunk but we were all super proud of them!
This is the best picture we have taken of a family in a long time even though Elle is pouting.  All of us looking at the camera is a definite win.  Now I just wish I could photoshop that beer out of my hand.

After the ceremony we went down to the boat and took it for a small little cruise before pulling it out of the water.  This was the first time Elle got in the boat.  She loved it.  Although, at this age I bet she might get bored after a little while.  If we take her for a longer cruise then I might have to pack some Ariel just in case.
Love this picture.  Kenny and I are already looking forward to the day that Elle sails in her first regatta. Kenny is ready to teach her the rope.  Literally.

Another almost decent family pic.  
I posted this one on Instagram but had to include it on the blog.  We told Elle that she was steering the boat by pulling those ropes and sweet girl took it so seriously.  Her face and struggle is totally real.  Mine not so much!

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Chelsea said...

So cute!! I love Fairhope too..We use to go to Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores a lot. They have cute shops there!!! I always have to go to different Targets because they always have different things and my husband tells me I am crazy...