Friday, October 18, 2013


It has been a while since I have done a  Five for Friday. But I thought I could maybe possible write a post that wasn't extremely heavy on what we are doing and all about Elle.  So I give it the old college try and see at the end how it turns out.  

Make Up Finds - Earlier this week I made a big order with Sephora to replace a lot of things in my daily make up routine but I did decide to try a new product.  I wanted a powder that didn't have any color to it but would set my makeup and make me feel less oily. I read great reviews on the Laura Mercier Finishing Powder and I have been using it the last few days.  I am really pleased with it.  It doesn't look cakey but gives my face a little bit of a glow.  Sephora also sent me a sample of the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and while I had my doubts it made my hair feel really soft and I had a great hair day.  It is not that expensive so now I am considering getting some of that.  Guess that is the point of those silly samples.

Mommy Tip - For some strange reason everything they serve at Elle's school is red.  Lasagna which I really hate because she seems to come home with garlic breath on those days and I have an extremely low tolerance for garlic breath. Besides the point, so they serve lasagna, spaghetti, sloppy joes and even barbecue meatballs.  The they sit them at these picnic like picnic tables so the chances of them dropping food on their clothes is high.  People might say to send her in clothes that I don't care about but really...what clothes am I completely okay with spending money on and then ruining.  None.  So here is my go to stain remover clothes saving tip. 

Step 1: Resolve carpet cleaner. Yep carpet cleaner. I spray the spots directly then I usually scrub with a rag.
Step 2:Dawn soap. It cutes the grease.  I drizzle lots of it on there.  
Step 3: Oxi Clean powder.  I sprinkle it all over then I scrub scrub scrub.  
Step 4: Repeat Step 1-3 if the stain is being really stubborn.  
Step 5: Once I feel like the stain is almost gone.  I fill a bowl with cold water and throw the dress in and might add more Dawn soap. I let it soak overnight at the very least.
Step 6: Wash in washing machine.  Upon pulling it out I reevaluate the stain and decide if I need to do the entire process all over again. But usually once does the trick

Fall TV- Kenny and I have been pretty picky about any new shows we have picked up this fall season. I feel like so many came out.  We were already pretty devoted to Survivor, American Horror Story, Parenthood, 2 Broke Girls, Shark Tank, Nashville, Modern Family, Top Chef and probably a few trashy reality shows that I DVR and watch without Kenny.  As far as new shows go we are really liking Sean Saves The World. We are still on the fence about the Michael J. Fox Show and The Crazy Ones.  

 New Town Update - I have really started to like Starkville. The town itself  has lots of things to do for families that Elle enjoys and then of course there is the University and all the events there. We just decided to go ahead and get basketball season tickets so we would have something fun to do over the winter.  It will be inside, two games a week and we think Elle will just go crazy over all the action at The Hump. Now, depending on what day you ask me I might tell you I feel great about how I am doing socially and other days I might just be calling a bestie (in another city) crying about how lonely I am. But I am making the best of it all and I feel like I am starting to slowly but surely make friends.  People are truly very friendly here, its more that I need a girlfriend for girls nights and to go see girly movies with me.  I miss my girly movie nights!

Christmas Shopping - Yes! I said Christmas shopping.  My family takes Christmas very seriously and we like to start shopping very early.  My sister started nagging me to death about Christmas ideas for Kenny, Elle and I WEEKS ago.  I have since gotten on the early shopping bandwagon for the year. I am of the mindset-get the shopping out the way so that come December you can focus on the reason for the season and all the fun family things that come along with it.  I am excited about what Santa has planned for Elle and the other important people in my life. More on that to come!  

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Thanks for sharing your stain removal tricks! That is so helpful!!