Thursday, May 15, 2014


Just a few more pictures from Elle's week at Gramma and Pop Pop camp.  Not too much more to report.  On Friday afternoon, Kenny and I drove down to spend the weekend with Elle and Kenny's parents because it was Mrs. Ann's birthday and of course Mother's Day. Kenny and his dad were supposed to sail in a Regatta but the weather ended up being yucky so we just hung around the house and relaxed for the most part.  Mrs. Ann took Elle to see that new Wizard of Oz Cartoon movie and Kenny and I went to see neighbors.  It was hilarious and nice to see an adult movie. Saturday night we all went out for hibachi to celebrate Mrs. Ann's birthday.  It was so good and Elle loves the theatrics of it all.  Seriously loves it.

Sunday we all went out for a Mother's Day breakfast at one of our favorite diners in Fairhope.  I love the pancakes there. Then it was time to drive home! We were so happy to have Elle back with us.  Even after having her home for a few days I am so happy to be back around her.  I missed her!

Here are a few more pictures from last week!
Elle has been asking for an umbrella and they found this one at a little shop downtown and she was so excited about it! It was the first thing she showed us when we got to Fairhope.
Ice cream at Mr. Beans.
Forget the spoon!
Another full fun day with Gramma and Pop Pop and another pass out in the car seat.
The Oz movie got out before our movie so we found Elle in the arcade.  Elle was loving all the noise and Kenny was reliving his childhood although you can't tell from this picture.
And I just had to include this picture.  I posted it on Instagram for Mother's Day and I just love her sweet smile.  Love her a whole lot and so happy she made me a mommy!

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