Thursday, May 22, 2014


Yall! I am worn slap out.  I know I mentioned last week that Elle is out of Parents Morning Out the entire morning out but oh my lordy I am totally feeling it now.  Today is Thursday and our second week of no PDO is coming to end.  We have had fun but we have also used the time to work on some behavioral issues we had rearing their ugly heads. Age 3 is such an amazing age and amazingly hard! The whining was starting to take over so we have gotten to know our time out corner really well and I am thankful to say that us being hard on her is starting to work even though it is tough on us because we know what a sweet girl she is.

With all that being said I do want to share some pictures from the last couple weeks and last weekend.  It will be a big photo dump but oh well!
Elle wakes up very early every morning.  Doesn't matter what time she goes to bed or how tired she is. She is up before 7:00 AM every single day.  She recently discovered watercolors and we paint after breakfast now.
I have gotten creative in activities we can do to pass this time.  She really enjoys our mini vacuum.  I showed her how to look for dog hair and dust and suck it right up!

We spent this weekend at home doing some things that needed to get done around the house.  We need to run some errands Saturday morning so we decided to take Elle to Waffle House.  I had not been there in a very very long time.  It was still disgustingly delicious.  Their waffles really are good!

Coloring our hands.
Cheesing with Daddy.
Then it was time for a Lowe's run.

Our golf cart was pretty dirty and muddy so we thought Elle would think it was really fun to help Kenny wash it. We were right! She absolutely loved it and has told everyone she sees.
Scrubbin it down!
Getting pretty serious about it.

Monday morning I had a doctors appointment in Memphis.  Once Kenny and I were through with that we took Elle to the Memphis Zoo.  I took this wonderful zoo for granted when we lived there but at least it makes a really fun place to visit. We didn't spend too long there, just a few hours.  We let Elle choose what she wanted to do and what animals she wanted to see.  We did hit a snag when she wanted to play on the playground and didn't want to see any of the animals.  That was frustrating because we have playgrounds in Starkville.  We do not have hippos or grizzly bears. We let her play for a little while and then she was down for seeing some wild animals.
Riding the train around the Farm animal section.

Family selfie. Everyone is smiling. A rarity.
Looking at the Tigers with Daddy.

It really has been a great two weeks.  Frustrating at times but I am so incredibly grateful I get to spend my days with this magical little girl and watch her grow and shape who she will become.  If I don't say it enough on here.  I love you so so so so much Elle.  You too Kenny!

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