Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This Friday afternoon we drove down to Fairhope to pick Elle up from Gramma and Pop Pop's house.  She had been down there for a week for what we dubbed "Gramma Camp." Elle is out of Parents Morning Out for the entire month of May so a week in Fairhope was the perfect solution to a long month with no school and a Gramma and Pop Pop who adore Elle.

Oh my gosh did I miss her! I really didn't anticipate missing her the way I did.  But she was having the absolute best time.  Kenny and I joked at the beginning of the week that Gramma Camp was resort living for a three year old.  Or maybe like a bed and breakfast.  Waking up, having eggs and bacon made for you every morning while you leisurely watch your favorite cartoon then having a fun agenda of things to do everyday. Someone to play with you every hour of every day.  She even napped a couple of days and she doesn't nap anymore!

Some of the fun things they did included going down to the pier on the bay for walks, going to play at the park at the yacht club, they took her shopping and allowed her to pick out anything she wanted.  She picked out a cute dress, a mermaid thermos and towel and an umbrella, which she loved the most.  She had been wanting an umbrella and asking for one. I have so many pictures that I want to have for memory's sake so I will do another test but here are a few pictures from the first half of the week. 
Breakfast served on a princess table every morning.  Her favorite food is bacon and I feel confident she had some every morning.  Lucky girl!
Swinging at the Yacht club! Elle really was having so much fun ha!
Nap 1 of the week.  Passed out in her car and then they carried her to bed where she continued to nap for two hours! I can't even pull into the garage if she falls asleep in the car.  I have to drive and drive if I want her to nap!
Making funny faces in the mirror while Gramma gets ready.
At the fountain by the pier.
Taking a stroll downtown.

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