Monday, May 25, 2015


Well a monumental occasion had arrived.  When we found out we are having a little girl, ballet class and dance recitals were definitely some of the things that I looked forward to.Friday and Saturday were Elle's first recital performances.  I was a nervous wreck about the whole thing.  I was worried about doing the very specific bun.  I was worried that Elle would scream when I had to do the bun.  I was worried that she wouldn't wear the itchy costume.  I was worried she wouldn't go out on stage.  I was worried she would be too tired after the late Friday performance to do the Saturday performance when all of our family was coming to see her.  I was a ball of anxiety.  And it was totally all for nothing. 

I played up the fun hair and a little makeup and she gladly let me do it all.  I managed a pretty awesome bun.  Elle was thrilled to put on her pretty sequin dress and go backstage with all her friends and she did so amazing on stage.  I was so proud of her.  It truly was a magical weekend.  A milestone for sure.

Originally there was only supposed to be one performance on Saturday night but all the tickets sold out so they ended up tacking on another performance on Friday night after the dress rehearsal that afternoon.  Elle was tired when it was all over but like I said I could not of wished for it to go any better.

So here we are with some pictures from Friday.  I will do another post tomorrow with all the pictures from the Saturday performance when our family was in town.  I know Elle felt so loved and supported.
At Mommy's beauty parlor getting her hair and makeup done.  I really played up getting to sit on my stool in my bathroom and the make up.  She was loving every minute of it.
Once she was ready she was so funny about being extra careful so not to mess up her hair and make up.  And this is the pose that I got when I asked for a picture.
Elle came out to sit with us for a little bit in between her rehearsal 
and the recital so of course we had to take some selfies!
Elle and Abigail 
Elle's class was smaller.  We were just missing one little girl in this picture.  Sweet girls.
Elle and Cate showing us their moves
Family picture before the show started.
Daddy and Elle after the recital.  We were so proud of her.
It was late but we were all hungry so we ran through the Jimmy Johns drive through to get some dinner.  When we came home I attempted to get some of Elle's make up off and took her hair down.  This was the result.  Kenny couldn't even look at her because she looked like a teenager who just got home from a party.  So funny! I don't think he wants her to grow up.

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