Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We had an amazing little weekend spent together and  I even got a quick overnight trip to visit one of my best friends and meet her new baby girl so post to come on that soon.  But first I wanted to throw this milestone post in the mix.  In very focused efforts to get Walker to sleep more at night we decided to go ahead and start some solids.  I started Elle on cereal at four months but just didn't feel like adding it to the mix with Walker just yet.  I also wanted to wait until after our beach trip. But since we have gotten on a more concrete nap schedule we could accommodate an afternoon meal. So to the store I went to get some veggie mixes and fruit mixes.  I always start with veggies.  Fruits won't be far behind.

Since I wasn't planning on doing this I don't have a good high chair yet.  Still trying to figure out what I want to get.  I know what I want but just not sure I want to pay the price.  So we winged it and used our little Fisher Price chair thing.  It was fine.  Walker wasn't totally into the spoon.  It will take a little more work to get the opening the mouth part but he did okay the last couple times we have tried.  After the first time I put a little oatmeal cereal in the baby food to thicken it up and help him swallow it and he seemed to eat more then! Sweet boy is growing up!

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