Thursday, May 14, 2015


Last Spring we started an annual tradition of Gramma Camp.  It was a huge hit last year and Elle was so excited to go again this year.  Elle's preschool lets out at the end of April and then they don't go back until June so we are always trying to fill our days and Mrs. Ann is so wonderful to host Elle for an entire week!

Before I get any further into it I have to include this little story.  When I started talking to Elle about Gramma Camp a month or so before she would go she would get so excited and ask questions like "Will we roast marshmallows?  Are we going to sleep in a tent? Are we going to sleep on the ground?"  I think on an episode of Max and Ruby Ruby went camping so she thought Gramma camp was actual camping! All in good time.  But for now I think she is pretty content to sleep in her very pink Sofia bed inside in her own room at Gramma's house and get spoiled absolutely rotten!

We dropped her off on a Sunday and I was a little worried that when she realized that Mommy and Daddy were leaving and with Walker that she would freak out a little. Nope.  Complete opposite! She pretty much pushed us out the door within an hour of arriving.  She was ready to have Gramma and PopPop all to herself!

Over the week they did so many fun things! They went to two different splash pads, a super fun park, shopping for toys, a movie, Chick Fil A, lots of ice cream trips and tons and tons of undivided attention just playing!  Mrs. Ann was a trooper and got up with Elle at 6 AM when she normally sleeps a little later, they would have a little snack of apples and cheese and then later they would cook a big breakfast.  Elle probably ate bacon every morning! Her favorite!

Kenny, Walker and I came back on Friday to stay the weekend and celebrate Mrs. Ann's birthday and Mother's Day.  We had missed our girl.  On Sunday we headed home and I do think Elle was ready to be home but she is missing her Gramma now and has told everyone she sees about Gramma Camp!  She can't wait to go again.  And one day Walker will be old enough to go too!  

So here we go with a few pictures from the week of Gramma Camp!
This was immediately after we left.  She was enjoying a little snack and cartoon on Gramma's bed and this picture made me miss her so much as soon as we left.
When we left Fairhope, Kenny and I headed to Biloxi to stay at a hotel while Kenny did some work there Monday morning.  Walker was pretty pleased with all the attention and being an only child for a week!
Walker needed a bath so a little hotel sink bath was in order.
Looking pleased as punch with her full breakfast! I do make her breakfast every morning but we normally do eggs and bacon and stuff on the weekends.  She was loving it!
On her way to the splash pad with Gramma and PopPop.  Weaaring Gramma's sunglasses!
That is a happy little girl there! Worn out from playing all day and some 
chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone!
PopPop and Elle with a  chocolate mustache.
And one with Gramma!
Gramma got creative to try and keep that hair from getting all kinds of stuff in it  
Chick Fil A lunch date!
Lunch with Gramma before a movie.  Hit up the salad bar.
Gramma with Walker and Elle on Mother's Day before we left.

We also stopped in Hattiesburg on the way home to see CeCe for Mother's Day.  We enjoyed some lunch at her house while Elle played. It was good to see all of the grandparents in one weekend!

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