Tuesday, May 5, 2015


On Saturday Junior Auxiliary hosted their annual Kentucky Derby party.  This was my first year to attend as a Junior Auxiliary member and was happy to help work and make this event happen! A week before the party the party venue had to be changed to a beautiful lodge outside of Starkville but it could not of been a better place.  The weather was so beautiful and lots of people made the drive out and we had so much fun.  Getting the chance to put on a really pretty dress and a hat and go out to a party where you see all your friends makes for a great evening and of course lots of picture taking!

So here we got with a total photo dump! We really had so much fun!
Christina and Natalie
The Browns and the Laceys
Me with Lorin and Sarah
Me, Emily the event planner herself, Sarah and Jana
Marg and Mal
The Cooks and the Laces
Sarah, Lindsey, Me, Natalie and Christina- a group from our women's bible study
Caroline, Margaret and me-our tailgate crowd and friends of course!
Blurry picture but had to include.  Riding the bus from town out to the lodge.

One of the favorite pictures Kenny and I have taken together in a long long time.  He looks so handsome in his bow tie and we had fun together!

After we left the party we went back to Sarah and Jeremy's for a little bit to hang out and watch the Mayweather fight.  There might of been a fast food run involved too.  Oh well!  It was low key and relaxing on such a nice night!
The girls. Doing just fine.
And the boys who participated in the bourbon tasting at the party and were feeling a little tired.  Granted it had been a very long day.  Jeremy is not pictured.  He was still very much awake!

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Chelsea said...

Looks like you girls had a blast :) So cute, Love the hats!!!
Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/