Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So Saturday night was the second recital performance and now I wasn't worried about hair and makeup and how she would do.  I was just worried that she would be worn out from the night before. I made her lay in our bed and watch a movie to rest and thenI gave a coke.  Terrible I know but she never drinks anything with caffeine so I thought it might help.  She didn't really drink much of it though.  On the way to the recital she got quiet in the car and I know she does that when she is about to fall asleep so I was steadily talking to her to keep her awake. Then once we got there she was good to go.

She was super pumped that everyone had come to watch her performance.  My mom, my sister and both of Kenny's parents  and of course Kenny and I were all there.  Kenny and I were looking forward to seeing it again. She did amazing on this nights performance to and I was able to get so many sweet pictures with our family and Elle and her friends. After the recital we waited to see how Elle's energy level was.  She was just fine and we let her choose where she wanted to go to dinner to celebrate and of course she chose hibachi! She loves to watch the man cook. We enjoyed a fun dinner and then headed home to go to bed after the big day!

So here are some pictures from the second recital! So glad it is all behind us.  Elle has asked several times when her next recital will be.  She liked being on stage!  
My sister brought these precious and delicious cookies for Elle.  She loved them!

Cece, Elle and Nanee
PopPop Elle and Gramma
Elle and her sweet friend Annie who was in the other ballet class for her age group.
Elle and Abigail coming out for her curtsy
So proud of my girl!

Elle and her friend Miriam.
Elle, Abby (Miriam's older sister) and Miriam
Elle with her two twin friends Ella and Audrey.
Elle with her Cece and Gramma
Elle with Mommy and Nanee

And Walker hung with the grandparents on Friday night and with a sitter on Saturday afternoon.  He still enjoyed all the family time though and was such a good baby.  He grabs more and more of my heart every day.

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