Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We had a wonderful weekend in Starkville.  School has let out and that always means things slow down a little bit which is nice. On Friday the town had a crawfish boil in the Cotton District that we met some friends for. We got a babysitter for Walker so not to mess his sleep up. The boys bought tickets which was supposed to entitle you to unlimited draft beer and a alb bucket of crawfish.  But the event planners did not plan well and they did not have nearly enough crawfish and Kenny didn't like the draft beer.  But they had a blue grass band that Elle enjoyed dancing too and she had fun playing with the other kids and we had fun being outside and visiting with everyone.  We did end up hungry so we went for a late dinner at Bin 612 and had a great time.
Friends and babies

Saturday morning we decided to go to Starkville's little farmers market.  We figured we wake up so early that we would have time to get to the Farmer's Market at 7:30, do a little shopping and grab some breakfast before we had to get home for Walker's nap.We were pretty much correct in that assumption but Walker got pretty tired and fell asleep in the car for a second and then when we tried to put him down for his nap he was not having it. So then he was a tired mess when we got him up from that nap and so he was not really a happy baby the rest of the day.  If there is one thing we learned from that whole day is that we need to be pretty strict with his naps.  But we had a wonderful morning getting some homegrown strawberries, squash, boiled peanuts, tomatoes and fresh baked bread. Then we walked across the street to the Mennonite bakery for sticky buns.
Checking out the spiders and cockroaches at the honey stand.  Elle touched that cock roach!!

They had a working hive and the queen bee had a dot on her so you could point her out through the glass and we thought it was so neat.
Enjoying some breakfast at Aunt Marty's bakery.

Orange juice cheers.
The farmer's market haul.  Those strawberries are so divine.  
They actually have a taste.  We love them!

On Sunday I traveled to Jackson, Tennessee with just me myself and I.  I was making the three hour drive to see Tracy and her brand new baby girl, Leighton Mae.  And of course Mack and Joe too. Tracy did not find out what she was having for this pregnancy and had her hopes pinned on a girl and sweet baby Mae surprised us by really being a girl!  We are all so thrilled.  She is just so so cute and somehow I even managed to get a little baby fever from the snuggles. Tracy and I also planned this visit so that we could go out and have a margarita and go see the new Pitch Perfect 2 movie.  We saw the first one together many years ago. It was such a great night and a great visit.  I cannot wait to see them again soon!

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