Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This post is few days late because Walker turned 6 months three days ago but better late than never.  I would say that month 6 has been a somewhat uneventful one and maybe kind of a crazy one.  We started sleep training a few weeks ago and it has been rough.  Walker has not taken to the schedule all that well and then I feel bad because have been traveling some which hasn't helped things at all.  

Walker has also stopped sleeping through the night.  I don't even know if I said that last time but he is waking up one to two times a night for a bottle.  I am extremely lucky in that he always let me put him back down and goes back to sleep but I am still feel exhausted a lot of the time.  After sweet Walker I realize that sleep is just really really important to me.  I would say majority of the time I crawl into bed (really early) just bone dead tired. I am ready for him to drop the night feedings.  If anyone has any tips please share.  I'm told this is normal for his age but I am pretty sure Elle didn't do this.

We started putting Walker in his excersaucers this month and he is gradually warming up to them.  His favorite thing to do is to chew on all the the different things.  He still likes his play mat too but turns over on his tummy so quickly that he doesn't have a ton of fun with that anymore. He also prefers to sleep on his side or tummy now too. We are holding off on solids or baby food for a few more weeks.  He is showing a lot of interest in food but I selfishly want to wait until after we get back from the beach in June! 

Alright well here we go with this month's photo dump and picture repeat!
Squeaky clean and fresh out of the bath. I live for that clean child smell!
Cuddling with Elle and Daddy on Master's Sunday!

Getting some sleepy snuggles.
Taking a bath in the downstairs bath.  We used this bathtub model for Elle for what seems like the longest time but he just seems so huge and uncomfortable in it and I can't figure out why.  Going to have to try something else. He isn't sitting up yet...
Morning snuggles with sis.
His first time out of the womb at Davis Wade.  Big moment!
Keeping Elle comfortable during breakfast.
Sweet picture with Daddy.
Getting to meet his great Aunt Sandy for the first time!

I love this smile.

A grainy front camera picture but I was letting him play with the bottle after he ate yesterday morning and seeing if he could get it into his mouth on his own and he did manage to get it in his month and was very happy with himself.  We will have to work on the tipping part though.

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B said...

Look into baby led weaning for foods instead of "baby food". So much easier and won't have to take baby food to beach.