Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I have one more post on the beach and our beach pictures but today is Walker's 7 Month birthday so I have to interject here with a quick post all about Walker man. At this very moment Walker has a cold and has been fussy fussy fussy.  He is down for a nap which he hasn't started yet because he is laying in his crib fussing but after his nap we are headed to the doctor to get his ears checked.  He is a runny nose and droopy mess.  I feel bad for him.  And if the doctor tells me it is teeth I will scream.  If it is teeth then come on teeth! You have made him miserable for two months! Where are the teeth!

As I mentioned in my beach post Walker had his second trip to the beach and wasn't all that thrilled with the heat but he was a trooper and really enjoyed when we would take him back into the air conditioning strip him down to his diaper and let him roll around on the floor.  The day before we left for the beach he started saying "bababa and mamma" which I love.  He is also rolling all over the place and pushing his knees up underneath him a lot.  Crawling will be here before we know it.  

Alright here are a few pictures, many that you might of already seen on this blog but I like putting some of my favorite pictures together to celebrate each month with my sweet baby boy.
Love that twinkle in his eyes.
He is really into grabbing faces and things these days.  If you get close enough he will get ya!
I can never get enough pictures of him sleeping.  I love watching my children sleep. Psycho mommy.

See another sleeping picture.
Hanging out naked (diaper on) in the jumperoo.  He already likes being sans clothes.  
Will I have one of those boys who runs through the neighborhood naked all the time?

I love this picture.  Hey mama! What ya doing?
All ready with his bucket hat!
Happy boy!

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