Monday, June 15, 2015


I got a little sidetracked and never got around to doing my final beach post.  So here we are. I am not sure I mentioned that our good good friends were at the beach at the same time we were and were actually staying in Grove by the Sea too right around the corner.  I recommended our favorite little beach neighborhood to Sarah a while back but it was by chance that we booked our vacations at the same time.  So it was extra fun that Elle had her best friend to play with on the beach.  Not to mention because Abigail is more adventurous Elle ended up doing so many more fun things that she might of been too scared to do. I was grateful for them especially since I was tied up with Walker so much this trip.  Elle never even cared because she had so so so much fun!
Elle and Abigail.

After the first day or so we kind of threw Walker's nap schedule out the window and just decided to wing it when we could. We strived to get one good nap a day. Then we usually worked to get a good nap in our arms on the beach.  Once you got him to sleep you had to sit so still.  I already find the beach chairs we rent so uncomfortable if you sent in them to long so at times it got to be downright painful.  But it was worth it to have him be happy and not super fussy. So I would try to drink him in and this stage of life as much as I could during those naps.
Loving that sweet baby face.
And his chunky little legs and feet.

When Walker was over it we would pack it up and head back to the beach house.  He would be so fussy and as long as we got him into the air conditioning and stripped him down to his diaper and let him lay on the ground with his toys he would be happy for hours.  He just didn't like being hot!  So I got a lot more comfortable with him being in his diaper this trip.
Getting some Daddy kisses.
Elle got this book off of a bookshelf and was pretending to be like mommy.  Silly girl.
Beach reads.
Fell asleep watching a movie with Mommy and Daddy on our last night.

On our last morning we loaded up the car and went to our favorite near by place for breakfast.  A lot of my family were getting into town for their beach vacation and we were able to cross paths over breakfast and see each other.  A special treat as we headed home!
The boys with their babies. Lawson just turned one! Sweet girl!
And the girls.  Elle was so tired so this was the best smile we could get.

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your daughter reading the book, has very beautiful legs.
would like to get in between them.