Wednesday, June 10, 2015


On Wednesday of our week of the beach one of my best friends from Memphis drove over from where she was staying in Destin with her family to hang out with us.  She brought along her little girl Lizzie who Elle just adores and they have been friends since Elle was tiny.  It was so nice having them!  I was able to relax a little with Elle totally occupied by playing with Lizzie on the beach.  I had not seen Mollie since she came down to Starkville to meet Walker so having time with her was food for the soul.  It was an all around great afternoon.  They met us at the beach house right as we were headed out around noon.  We spent the afternoon at the beach and then headed to the pool to cool off and rinse the sand off.  Kenny went and picked up fresh boiled shrimp from Goatfeathers and we just hung out and let the girls play and watch a movie and stay up late.  I managed to talk Mollie and Lizzie into spending the night before heading back to Destin in the morning so the girls were thrilled to have a "sleepover!" 
They fashioned their towels into mermaid tails.
Playing a game of checkers.  I don't think Elle quite grasped the concept.

Here are just a few more pictures from our mornings at the beach! I got the cutest matching swimsuits for Elle and Walker but ended up having to change Elle mid morning because it was chafing her legs and getting all red.  Poor thing! They still looked adorable!

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