Monday, June 8, 2015


I was gone from this space on the web to enjoy a full week at the beach.  It was time for our annual summer trip to Seagrove and Seaside with my mom and sister. This is our third year of staying in the same neighborhood on 30A.  We love this neighborhood for its big pretty houses, beach access and the pools, plus its just a walk away from Seaside.  

While we took Walker to the beach in March and stayed in Seaside with Elle and had a wonderful time, this trip was a lot more work.  A lot.  Walker was just smaller in March and we were able to wing it a lot more.  This time around we were on a fantastic sleep schedule and those naps are a must.  Plus it is much warmer this time of year.  Walker didn't just love his time at the beach but we did our best to make the best of it.  Walker's indifference was at a total contrast to Elle's total obsession.  Elle loved the beach more than she ever has. She had very little fear and was way out in the water the whole time and was riding waves, playing in the sand, collection jellyfish.  She was doing it all.  It was so much fun to watch.  We tried to make sure she got plenty of time and spent lots of time at the pool too.

As far as nights went on this trip we weren't able to do a whole lot.  We realized a vacation or two ago that it is easier to not rush the kids off the beach to shower and get dressed and go out to eat.  That it is easier to take our time and not have a set schedule.  We found we enjoy doing take out pizza or seafood or even cooking.  But this week on the two nights that Seaside had events like a play or a move that we planned to go to it rained and was cancelled.  So that was a stinker.  But we enjoyed our nights, putting Walker to bed early and then hanging out on the screened in porch or watching movies together as a family. 

So I have divided all of my pictures into a few posts so that this isn't a huge photo dump. It is really was another fantastic week of vacation even with the different dynamic of two children and one of them being a small baby!
This was the same afternoon that we arrived on the first day.  We had hoped that Walker would take a good car nap but no such luck.  So that left him tired and fussy so I snuggled with him on the front porch swing after we got to our beach house and he was drifting in and out.
Morning coffee run to Amavida.

Walker with his Beaufort Bonnet bucket hat on.
Hanging with CeCeat the pool.
Elle hanging with Nanee and CeCe on a rainy afternoon.
Porch time while we were trying tow air out some rain.  It ended up 
pouring for a long long time but we had fun anyway!

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