Friday, February 19, 2016


Elle andI have wanted a kitten for ever and ever.  But Kenny is very very allergic so it just isn't in the cards for us.  We do love our dog but we wanted something we could cuddle. A couple of my friends have bunnies and they make it seem like it is a pretty low maintenance pet.  This weekend while we were at the river Mollie saw a post of Facebook about a bunny that needed to be rehomed.  It was already house trained and was said to be a laid back bunny personality wise so we decided that we wanted to adopt him!  I had been considering it for a little while but I had not really mentioned it to Kenny so he was a little nervous at first.

Over the weekend I got lots of advice from Mollie and Stephanie on the best way to take care of the bunny and on the way home Kenny and I stopped at the tractor supply store to pick up a bunny cage starter kit.  This may of been the first time either of us have ever been in a tractor supply store. We chose not to tell Elle about the bunny. We wanted to surprise her.

Monday morning my friend Sarah offered to let Elle come over for a playdate and wanted to keep Walker too so I could drive to Jackson really quick and meet the lady with the bunny.  The weather was horrible! Pouring rain but I was on a mission.  I met the lady in the Pet Smart parking lot and was back on the road with our new bunny within a few minutes.

Took a few selfies with our new bunny who rode in my lap the entire way 
home to send to Kenny and friends.
Isn't he cute?!
When we got home we put Walker for nap and introduce and surprised Elle with her new bunny.  She  was absolutely thrilled! He is so soft! She decided to name him Benjamin because that is Peter Rabbit's little friend and they have been reading that book in school and we just saw that play.  She says he has a Benjamin face.
Excited little girl with her new Benjamin bunny!

Giving it some love.
Even Kenny couldn't deny the soft snuggles.
We have had the bunny for a few weeks and it is going pretty well.  He is a little nervous.  I think our house is a big change from his previous owners who were a young married couple. Having a large dog and two energetic kids makes you realize that our house can be pretty wild and loud.  So the bunny is still adjusting.  We let him out to wander downstairs while Walker is napping or asleep and Elle is learning how to care for him. She is also learning how to handle him.  She learned the hard way not to stick her finger in his face because he bit her.  It really surprised her and I think it hurt her feeling because she cried.  Walker just wants to  crawl and chase him around and does not know how to be gentle just yet so it is all a learning curve.Lena just wants to follow him around and sniff him.  She doesn't show any aggressive behavior towards him and it helps that she doesn't see that well these days. So for now we are good and hoping that the bunny will grow to love and trust us!

And I had to include this picture of our sweet Walker.  I am about to do a whole post on him because he keeps us so busy and we love him so much but he hasn't been in a lot of the posts lately because so Elle is so busy lately.  This is him keeping busy while we were waiting for Elle at ballet.  My sweet baby boy!

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