Wednesday, February 10, 2016


February has been a little tough so far. I have had a cold for a few weeks now and I can't seem to kick it.  Ive been on several antibiotics and also spent a few days when it was at its worst in bed.  Just praying that it goes away soon.  Elle and Walker have been somewhat well.An ear infection here and there and runny noses.  Kenny has not had a single thing knock on wood! Then last week I found out I broke a bone in my foot from working out.  It had been hurting a lot.  So now I am wearing a boot for who knows how long.  But we are all trekking through this month and the cold winter and soon enough we will all be well. Here is a little of what we have had going the last couple of weeks!
Elle had her kindergarten open house.  Kenny was out of town and Walker and I were sick so my friend Missy took her with her two girls and Elle's good friends.  They are so excited to be kindergartners!
I took this picture for Instagram when I was trying to get ready and I never get ready alone. The kids always find their way into the bathroom and must be near me at all times.
The two or three days I was in the bed Kenny was keeping the kids away from me and occupied so I could rest and we could contain the germs.  But just like the bathroom when I am getting ready they kept wandering into the room.  I was always happy to see them even when I was feeling bad.
Elle even came and colored next to me for a little while.  Love this sweet girl.
We were having an unseasonable warm weekend so I joined the kids and Kenny outside for a little bit and Kenny and Walker were looking so sweet together.
Look at sweet Walker practically climbing in the dryer.
Oh he was just throwing his ball and getting it back out.  Makes total sense.
I went with Elle's class on a field trip to see a Peter Rabbit play in Columbus.  My expectations were low but it turned out to be so good and cute.  Being able to go on Elle's field trips and her things at school are one of my favorite things about being a stay at home mom.
Walker was out when I put him down for a nap one afternoon.
Enjoying some snacks.
We had some severe weather threats and tornado warnings last week.  It was bad enough they let school out early.  Thankfully it didn't really hit us but I had cleaned out a closet underneath our stairs.  Elle was disappointed we never had to use our "safe spot"  so she crawled in there and played the iPad for a little bit.  Silly girl.
A picture of my broken bone! There should not be two pieces. Ouch!
And the boot.  By the end of each day I can''t wait to get this thing off.
Walker went with me to the store for some grocery shopping the other day and was so hung up on all the "ooons."  I finally had to go get him one from the floral department so we could continue the shopping.
After church Elle and went to the store again so we could get some lunch and some ingredients for a Super Bowl snack I was making for a party were were going to.She was so excited to have one of the mini shopping carts! My little helper!

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