Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Kenny and I don't get super into Valentine's Day but it was a little more fun this year since Elle is in school and had a Valentine's Day Party to prepare for. Her teacher sent home a note a few weeks before letting us kindly know that she expected for all of their Valentines to be handwritten by them.  So we set to work.
Elle writing her name on her Valentines for her friends.
The finished product.  Cute and easy.  Little bags stuffed with themed candy and stickers.

The back with Elle's signature
I found notes in Elle's backpack for Kenny and me.  This was the first time that she wrote out these words and I will cherish it forever.  Brought tears to my eyes.

Friday afternoon Elle had her class party.  I love coming to these and seeing Elle with her friends and her teacher and she is always so excited to have me there so that makes me happy.  She was so excited to have passed out her Valentines to all her friends bags and she couldn't wait to go through all her stuff.
Look how excited she is!
Partying it up with my girl!
Enjoying the party food!
Showing me the Valentine she made for Kenny and me.

Friday afternoon CeCe came in town to stay with Elle and Walker so that Kenny and I could could meet our friends at their river cabin for a weekend away.  We were excited for some kid free time and Elle was happy to have CeCe in town!

Saturday morning, our good friend Margaret came and picked Elle up to take her to get her nails done.  This was her birthday present from Margaret.  When they arrived at the nail shop to of Elle's good friends, Brooklyn and Caroline, were there and they had the best time hanging out getting pampered!
Caroline, Elle and Brooklyn.

Elle with Margaret getting beautified!
She picked purple with a sparkle overcoat.  She loves purple!

Over at the cabin it was freezing so we were literally just hanging out and eating and enjoying wine, friends and games! I always get Tracy to play with my hair and so I sat down in front of her to let her do her magic which is always some very interesting hair dos.  This quickly spiraled into all of us doing makeovers on each other and then of course some glamour shots! It was lots of fun and very silly!
Wine and a sister wife hair do!
Mollie working those cheek bones to get the right contouring!
Look at Mollie's face! Tracy kept telling her beauty was pain!
Funny enough our makeup looked ridiculous in person but kind of good for our selfie shoot!

It was such a great weekend.  We literally did nothing but sit around but I miss these friends so much and all of us being together more often since Tracy and I moved away. On Sunday (actual Valentine's Day) we hit the road early so my mom could get back and we could spend some time with the kids.  I was grateful for a few hours in the car with my Valentine.  Even if he worked and watched golf the whole way home!

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