Thursday, February 11, 2016


For Super Bowl we were invited over to a friends house with some other couples and our kids.  We planned to bring both Walker and Elle but Walker was getting so cranky right before we left so we arranged for a babysitter to come last minute. It was a fun night and I took a few pictures and thought I would do a quick post.  Mainly because the hostess of the party had a fire pit and smore station set up and this was Elle's first time to roast marshmallows and make smores and she loved it.  So of course I had to document that!
It was my friend Laura's birthday and she is from Louisiana so she had a birthday King Cake that was really delicious!

After lots of yummy snacks and a wonderful taco bar and watching the game it was time for some marshmallow roasting! I am personally not the biggest fan of smores because it is just overkill for me. But I do love roasted marshmallows.  Elle was more than happy to roast lots and lots of marshmallows for me to eat.  She turned out to enjoy just the marshmallows too.
Ooey Gooey smores
Elle and her roasting partner, Ray.  They are in the same grade at school but different classes.
Making sure the marshmallows catch on fire at least once because she has skill.
Flattering picture of me devouring a marshmallow.

Kenny got in on the action too.

It was a fun night but I missed our Walker. I will be glad when he can stay up past 6 PM!

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