Saturday, February 20, 2016


I know a lot of my posts have been Elle heavy lately so I wanted to talk about Walker a little bit and what he has going on these days! Some of these pictures may be repeats but oh well! Walker is growing and changing every day and keeps us very busy and always smiling.  He is such a funny little boy with a lot of personality quirks and also starting to find out he has a temper too! I am just going to ramble on all about him so I can remember this baby.  Typical mom gushing but I know now with the kids getting older, this is the type of stuff that I will want to read!

Some of the things he just loves are balls and balloons and anything with wheels.  He has these trucks that play the same song and we call that his jam because every time he presses the button he starts dancing and wants you to dance too! He will throw a ball and chase a ball for a large amount of time. And we think he will be left handed because he seems to always throw with his left hand.  He loves Lena and likes to crawl all over her and talk to her and love on her.  Lena seems to be indifferent about it but definitely does not seem to mind too much.  He loves baths and lately likes to crawl into our shower that does not have a door and play in the leftover water or my loofahs.  So we have had to put a gate up because he gets soaking wet and that can be annoying at times.  He can crawl up the stairs and we are having to be careful about that and will make a mad dash for any open bathroom door to splash in the potty.  He also recently found a huge bag of dog bones and likes to sneak in there and start giving them to Lena one by one.  Lena loves that of course! He also just loves balloons.  We can't go to the grocery store without getting a balloon!

He still loves to eat but seems to have gotten a little pickier.  And when he is done he knows that throwing his food and swishing his hands over his tray so the food goes everywhere is the quickest way to be taken out of his high chair. 

He is starting to get more words in his vocabulary.  Some of the words he says are: uh oh (his favorite) the ball (his other favorite) "ooon" for balloon.  Dada and Mama.  Bye bye and dog.

He is taking after his sister in that he looks like he will be a late walker.  He is pulling up, cruising and stands all the time but just doesn't seem to interested in moving on to the next phase of actually walking.  I am convinced my babies are a little lazy and he crawls really really fast so I could see why he would want to stick with that.  My mom and I were laughing earlier because he likes to be held sooooooo much more than Elle ever did.  So he will crawl over to you super fast and put his arms up because he wants you to pick him up.  It is the sweetest thing ever but he gets upset if you don't pick him up.  He is also a big hair puller if he is upset with me.  Stinker!

Alright now for some pictures! I am noticing that he has the same pajamas on in a lot of these.  I promise we do change his clothes!
 My sweet boys!
This was in the car before PDO and Walker's little cheeks were so chap because he had a cold and it was freezing outside.  I feel bad for liking his rosy cheeks!
Sweet boy playing with his car.
Feeling under the weather one day.  Wanted some snuggles.  While he likes being held a whole lot he doesn't usually let you sit with him.  He wants to be up and walking around with you.
Loving his sister's birthday "oooons"
He loves taking medicine.  Thank goodness! The tylenol is his favorite!
Silly boy was throwing his ball around the dryer.  Whatever keeps him entertained!
Look how happy that little boy is with his balloon!
I took this picture one afternoon when we were going to get Elle from school! It made me laugh because typical little brother in carpool.  Bed head from just waking up from his nap, snack cup, sippy cup and his cell phone! 
Cheesing with my boy!

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