Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Last year we attended a charity event and won a trip to Lake Oconee for two rounds of golf, a private fitting at Taylormade and a big dinner with wine plus a four bedroom cottage.  We were excited to win it the auction and were excited for the trip to finally get here on the calendar.  The trip was for four couples but one of our couple friends had to back out at the last minute.  We missed them but still had lots of fun!

Wednesday around lunch we left.  The girls got into one car and the boys into another.  We headed out of town and things were going great.  We got through Birmingham just fine and then a little ways down the road and hit traffic.  Bad traffic.  You  never think when you run into a traffic jam like that on the interstate that you will be in it for all that long.  But we so were.  We were in that traffic for 3 hours!  Using an app we managed to figure out that a gasoline truck had exploded and had started a fire and also the driver was killed.  It was a big wreck. It was really miserable and not how we wanted to start the trip.  We had plans to spend the night in Atlanta so we could go to a fun place for dinner and to meet my family who lives in Atlanta but we did not get to our hotel until 9! We made the best of it and were happy to have the company in the car!
This was a picture someone took of the wreck when it happened.
We were watching videos on my phone because we were completely stopped on the highway and Margaret thought it would be funny to take a selfie,
Picture of the boys after dinner on our Atlanta night.

On Thursday morning we all woke up pretty early.  The boys had a tee time and we anxious to get to Lake Oconee even though the forecast wasn't all that great.  So the girls decided to go do a little shopping at Ponce City Market.  That is where we intended to go for dinner and drinks until the traffic jam ruined it.  My uncle recommend it to us when he was here visiting.  There were some great stores and restaurants in there.  I got a few things and we looked at some of the restaurants and were so sad we didn't get to eat there.  We did get the boys some awesome beef jerky at one place that we had hoped to go to.
The girls at Ponce City Market.

After going to a few shops we headed on to Lake Oconee ourselves to get some lunch and to get settled into the cottage before the boys were done playing golf.   We decided to go ahead and go straight to the Ritz Carlton for lunch and cocktails.  The Ritz was so gorgeous and we were so happy to be there finally!
Walking down to Gaby's for lunch.  
Hooray for the sun being out momentarily and a lakeside view!
Sarah and I both got this for lunch.  It was a lobster grilled cheese and it was divine.

We ran by the grocery store to get a few things like breakfast items and coffee.  Then we headed to the cottage to hang and drink some wine on the patio!
The cottage! It was on one of the golf courses although I am not sure which one.
When the boys got home they joined us for a glass of wine and we gave them the yummy jerkey we had gotten them.  Here I was showing off one of the summer sausages!
The boys taking a snooze after one of their rounds of golf.  

For dinner that night we went to The Tavern at the National Golf Course and had the best time.  The food, cocktails and wine were all good.  The atmosphere was really neat and it was such a fun night! We were the last people to leave.  
Group shot in front of the fireplace!
Girl pic!
A rare couple pic!
Kenny's appetizer.  It was Octopus which I don't normally like but this really was delicious.  I got goat cheese beignets that were equally delicious. 
They had a chipping green right outside the restaurant doors so 
of course we had to get some  more pictures!

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