Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Saturday morning I got up and got ready very early and my friend Missy picked me up for our Junior Auxiliary shift. We were doing set up for the Children's Art Village.  This is such a fun thing to do for the kids of Starkville at the Cotton District Arts Festival.  Elle was so excited about it she woke up at 4:30 and never went back to sleep. My shift went great and we finished set up early.  I got back home and we got the kids ready and went back to the Cotton District to enjoy the festival. This weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend and there was a football practice game along with three baseballs games but with my foot and Kenny out of town it was just too hard to do all that.  So we focused on just the festival.
We were talking next to a couple going to the Cotton District who had this beautiful bulldog  so I asked them if Elle could pet it and take a picture with it.  They happily obliged!

Once we got to the festival we went straight to the arts village. There are lots of booths with art and other things but it is too hard to shop with kids so we walk down and kind of peek in but the arts village is the main event for us! And the food of course! The arts village did not disappoint for Elle and we had a great time doing all the different crafts. She was old enough this year that she wanted to take her time at all the booths doing her artwork. It is fun for me too because the whole town comes so lots of chit chat!
Elle working on her scratch art.
Selfie with mommy.
Doing spin art with my friend Kristen.
Doing Easel art with dot markers.
Mom took Walker for a stroll and waited in a long line to get balloon animals for the kids. 
She may have not been having as much fun as Elle and I were.
Picture with the kids.  Love this one.  Makes me sad Kenny was not there for family picture though.
CeCe and Walker after they had scored a balloon animal.
Decorating a cookie!
Enjoying the cookie!
Elle ran into one of her closest school friends, Violet as the thumb print table.  
My mom took Walker for a stroll through the booths and came back with him passed out.
He slept for 20 minutes and then was cranky the rest of the day.
Even more friends! Brooklyn and Caroline!
Elle loves the drum station  they have.
 Walker shook the morocca with CeCe while we played the drums! 

My friend Mary Martha made me take a picture with my cast and scooter. 
She told me that this made her day.  I can't imagine why. 

After we finished up at the arts village we set out to find some yummy fair type food for lunch,  The area where the food was was pretty congested so we settled on something easy but still very delicious! Corndogs!  Then for something sweet we enjoyed some chocolate covered bacon.  We remembered it from the festival last year and made sure we got some!
Elle and Walker playing together while we waited on the corn dogs to arrive!

Enjoying our chocolate covered bacon on a stick.

Walker got in on the action too!

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