Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Last week was super busy and I was so lucky to have wonderful friends who completely mapped out and scheduled all of my carpooling for Walker and Elle and had Elle over to play everyday after school.  This allowed me to stay in bed all day which was a Godsend because with the soft splint I had I was not able to walk.   Walker came home each day around 2:30-3 but Elle did not get home until 6 each night.  I missed her!

I got Walker's class picture proof in.  It was so cute.  Sweet babies!

On Thursday Elle had a field trip to Mississippi State to learn all about bugs.  They had been learning about bugs for two weeks at school.  I was so incredibly sad to miss this field trip with her.  I have been on every field trip and this was the last one for the school year.  But I had a doctors appointment for my post surgery check up and to get a new cast.  I recruited my friends to send me pictures of her in the action and was so happy to get some throughout the day.
Elle with two of her close friends in another Pre-K class.
Holding the butterflies was her favorite part and she told me all about it after school.
Looking at honey comb with her friend Ruby.
Elle enjoyed the bee portion also.  She talked about getting to feed the bees through a little tube.

Elle claims she was not going to touch that big ol spider.

The field trip was on Thursday and since I got a new cast at my doctors appointment that I could actually stand and somewhat walk in I wanted Elle to come home and spend time with me.  She and I had discussed that morning before school that when she got home from school that I would give her a quick bath and then we would watch Pippi Longstocking together.
I don't think I was the only one who had missed Elle.  Walker was extra lovey.

Brother and sister love!

As I mentioned I had a good post surgery appointment.  They said it was healing well and pulled my stitches before recasting me in a huge new cast that let me stand up and walk but I cannot put any weight on my toes at all.  All on the heel which causes me a lot of pain. I will be in the cast for three weeks before moving to a boot for even longer.  I chose purple because Elle's favorite color is purple and there aren't any adult color choices for casts. Graphic picture of my foot coming next so scroll quickly if you don't want to see!

My poor foot!
My huge purple cast!
I was so happy to be able to stand!  I definitely have to hobble but it is still an improvement.

Late Thursday night my mom came back into town.  She planned to come a while back because this weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend and Kenny had been at market for over a week and she usually comes to help me while he is gone.  The visit happened to coincide with Grandparents Day at Elle's school.  They do a little program and sing songs and then the grandparents are able to go to the classrooms to see their work and meet their teacher.  I had no idea the crowd that would be there.  They had a huge turnout! Elle was excited to have CeCe there and I was happy too because if she had not been coming anyway I would of completely disregarded it and not even gone to the program myself. The program was so cute and Elle's group sand Blue Suede Shoes which she has performed countless times since then.  
All the grandparents waiting on the program to start.
Elle's class right when they came in.
One of the cute pictures hanging in Elle's classroom.
CeCe and Elle in Mrs. Suzanne's room.
Elle and her friend Olivia as we were leaving the school.

Had to include this picture of Walker on a wagon ride that afternoon.  
It was chilly so we had him bundled up.  He is so cute! 

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