Wednesday, April 6, 2016


On the second day the boys had an appointment at The Kingdom to have a private fitting for Taylormade clubs.  They were majorly amped for this.  Then they were supposed to have a tee time at a course calle Greywater. The girls were majorly amped because we had massage appointments at the spa at the Ritz Carlton! The weather was really gross again but that did not affect the club fitting and it sure didn't affect our morning at the spa. The boys ended up having to reschedule their tee time for the following day so they spent the morning getting their lesson and new clubs and then went to a restaurant to hang out, drink beer and watch golf before coming home to and have a drink and get ready for dinner.

We all had our wonderful massages and then took our sweet time enjoying the facilities.  We didn't have anywhere to be so we used all of it and then order some lunch before heading home!
Kenny was so excited to have his name on that name plate.  I think this club fitting might of been all of their favorite parts.  Being boys none of them took any pictures even though we told them to. But we had to go back on the last day before we headed home to get Kenny's new driver.  The weather was absolutely beautiful that day so I made them take some pictures!
The boys in front of the Taylormade trailer that they take to all the big major tournaments!

Such a beautiful day!

That night we went to a high recommended restaurant in the Lake Oconee area.  It was an Italian restaurant called Da Corrado Ristorante.  It was so absolutely amazing.  I love going out of town and going out to eat at awesome restaurants because we have such a limited selection here in Starkville!  We had the most amazing waitress who truly helped make the night.  Her name was Jasmine and if you ever go to this restaurant you should ask for her.  She even sang to us at the end of the night.  She made it pretty far into American Idol auctions she said! The food was divine and we shut this place down too.
Group shot in one of these cool tunnels they had in the restaurant. 
Both Jason and Kenny ordered the whole sea bass that was cooked in a rock salt oven and then cracked open and filleted and deboned in front of the table.  It was very impressive and the fish was so buttery and delicious!
Looking on at their dinner being carved up!
My side of the table!
And of course the other side of the table!
Despite us all being so full they had the BEST gelato and tiramisu! So we had to order.  We laughed because Kenny and Jason ordered two desserts to split between the two of them.  They ate every bite!
End of the night picture with our favorite girl Jasmine!

On the last day Margaret had to leave early to meet up at another trip with some friends so she took the boys to play their last round of golf at The National golf course.  Sarah and I slept late and got really and packed and then did a little shopping at a few shops around our cottage before meeting the boys for lunch.  We ate at the Tavern again.  It was so beautiful that day we chose to sit on the porch and were able to see the boys finish their last hole.  It was windy and a little chilly but it was still a fun lunch and we cozied up under blankets and enjoyed one final cocktail before getting on the road for home.
The boys ending their round at the National.

Cozied up on a pretty day in our blankets.

Just writing these posts has made me realize how fun and relaxing this trip was.  I was so happy to get home and kiss my babies but Kenny and I had the best time together and traveling with friends makes things interesting and great memories! 

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Chelsea said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! I have been wanting to go there so bad !! Glad to know you had a blast