Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Elle's precious Kindergarten teacher is pregnant with a little boy due in January.  She already has a little boy in 6th grade so it has been a while since she has had a new baby.  So the parents and kids collaborated to throw her small sweet shower during nap time.  My friend Jennifer planned a craft for the kids where they all decorated two diapers so that Mrs. Wendy would think about them when she was changing the baby's diaper.  Then they played a game where Mrs. Wendy allowed us to blindfold her and she tasted different baby foods.  The kids absolutely loved this. They thought it was so funny. Which because of some of the baby food flavors it was indeed pretty funny. 

After they played the baby food game they had had snacks while Mrs. Wendy opened up her gifts from everyone.  Elle and I got her some diapers and wipes and then a sweet day gown. The last present she opened was a sweet bound book where each child was given two letters from the alphabet and they did a little nursery book for the baby.  We got the letters K and V. So our two pages were K is for Kite and V is for vehicle.  All the kids drew pictures to go along with their letters. It was super cute. The kids loved having the shower for their teacher who they just adore.  

I did not think I was originally going to be able to come to the shower but was so happy I did.  We will miss Mrs. Wendy while she is gone on maternity leave in January and February!
Elle decorating her diaper for baby Harrison.

Blindfolded and tasting the baby foods.  Some of the combinations were so gross!
The kids looking on cynically while Mrs. Wendy tasted the food.
Getting more into it.  
Opening the day gown we gave her.
Opening the alphabet book from all the kids.

She read each page to them.
Group hug.  They love her so much.

Class picture.  Love all these sweet kids.

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