Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Per the usual I am behind on my blogging.  But I have a good excuse! The stomach bug! Our family has not been well and it has been a total bummer because of it being December and we missed a few fun things that we planned to do together as a family.  One being going to a Santa Brunch at Old Waverly that we booked weeks ago and had been looking forward to!

Elle woke us up Friday night saying she was sick.  So we took care of her while she continue to be sick and I cleaned up and then we made her a pallet on the floor so we could be close to her.  That turned out to be a good idea because she did get sick again in the middle of the night.  It was so sad to watch.  By morning time Kenny was down for the count to.  Walker was great and I felt okay too which was really good because I was able to take care of them.  I knew Elle truly didn't feel good because she literally layed down on the couch all day and watched movies all day. Kenny did to. She missed a friends birthday party that morning she was sad about.  

By Sunday, Walker was still great and I was so sick! Luckily Kenny was feeling well enough that he could now take care of me. None of us were well enough for the Santa Brunch though.  It could of been a complete disaster if we had tried to go n to to mention exposing people to our germs  Monday morning Elle felt well enough to go to school and I felt well enough to make it through the day. Elle was worried about not seeing Santa so when my friend mentioned that our hospital was having a little  Christmas party with cookies, crafts and Santa we decided at the last minute to put on our cute Christmas pajamas and go see the big guy.  I am so glad we went because it turned out to be a fun night and Elle was happy she got to read Santa her Christmas list. Walker didn't really care about Santa that much but I was very surprised he did not cry when we set him on his lap and then he enjoyed watching him while we sat at the table. Unfortunately when we got home Elle got sick again.  We were so sad.  She really had a hard time bouncing back from this virus.  She would get better and we would think she was well enough to go to school and then she would come home feeling bad and we would have to keep her home again.  Luckily by this past weekend, she was finally feeling better! 
Trying to get down some soup for her sick tummy.
The sickies holding hands and watching movies together on the sofas.
One night she crawled up in my lap and fell right to sleep.  Sick babies are the worst!
One of the nights she relapsed she was back on the pallet.
Reading her list to Santa.  I adore that little smirk.
A good picture of the two of them together with Santa! I was happy!
Walker hanging out with Daddy. Daddy was feeing him sweets so he was thrilled!
Elle enjoying a cookie.
Working on a craft and making eyes at Santa.

Working on crafts!
Elle's friend Mary Kenway came too! They were excited to see each other.

Daddy and Elle
A final picture before leaving.

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