Wednesday, December 21, 2016


This past weekend we went to Memphis for a couple of jam packed Christmas days.  We picked Elle up from school a little early and hit the road. My mom also came in town and the kids were excited to see her and Nannee.  Kenny and Elle had big plans for Friday night to go to Starry Nights and do a carriage ride through it like they have done the last two years.  We got in to town and unloaded the car and got Elle changed out of her uniform and dressed for her date with Daddy.  The weather forecast for Mississippi and Memphis was crazy for the weekend and unfortunately the weather that night kind of messed up their sweet plans.  After they got dressed they went to dinner at Huey's where Elle was happy because she could try and blow big toothpicks at the ceiling. When they left dinner it was pouring rain and very cold so they made a last minute decision to go to the movies instead. They went to see Moana again and Elle was happy because they sat in the very back row of the theatre. I hung out with my mom and Annie and we ordered sushi and just relaxed!
Elle on her date with Daddy at Hueys.
Trying to get those toothpicks up to the ceiling.

The next day, Saturday was Annie's birthday and we were excited to celebrate with her.  After a coffee and Gibson's donut run we snuggled up and let Nanee open her presents.  I brought her her favorite cold brew from our coffee shop here and then we gave her a nice massage gift certificate and my mom gave her some things to! The kids enjoyed helping her open her presents.  Maybe Walker will be more into Christmas than I expected him to be!
Helping Nanee open her gifts.

Birthday snuggles with Nanee.
Walker helping to dole out the gifts.
Brother and sister hang time

We played outside some because the weather was really warm and then we got all cleaned up and me and Kenny took Elle downtown for lunch at one of her favorite places and to see Annie the musical at the Orpheum. She loves the movie and I knew we would enjoy the play too! There were sooooo many little girls there to see the play! 

We took Elle to her favorite restaurant before plays called Aldo's. It is great pizza and they give her a ball of dough and flour to play with while we wait which is always a hit!
Elle and Mommy!
Playing with her pizza dough.
Had to get a few pictures in front of this huge tree right by the Orpheum.

It was really windy!
Family photo in front of the play sign.
We saw our friends the Boggans at the restaurant and they 
were standing by the Orpheum seeing their friends off so Elle and Walker got a picture together.
Getting ready to go in and sit down!

Daddy bought Elle a sweet little Annie doll.
Selfie with Mommy.

We got home late afternoon and Nanee and CeCe were getting ready to go downtown themselves for dinner and to see the evening showing of the play.  Since we were all dressed we took the opportunity to take some pictures in front of the tree.

Hanging out in Nanee's bed and reading books.

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