Wednesday, March 29, 2017


This past weekend I met Nanee in Tupelo so Elle could spend the weekend with her.  She was a little nervous about going because she is in a phase where she doesn't really like to be away from Kenny and I.  But Annie says the second she was in her car she quickly got over it. I am pretty sure it was because she knew how much fun she was going to have with Nanee! And they did have so much fun! Nanee spoiled Elle absolutely rotten and she cried when we picked her up in Tupelo on Sunday when she had to leave. So the weekend was a total success.

Kenny and I enjoyed our weekend with Walker so much!  It is amazing how much easier things are when you go from two kids to one kids. He was so easy going without having to compete with Elle for attention and Kenny and I got out for some grown up time too.
While we waited for Nanee to get into Tupelo we got ice cream cones 
and finished watching our movie in the car.

After I got back into Starkville I came home and we hung out for a while. Then we headed over to our friends Robby and Foley's house to cook hamburgs and hotdogs. It was a low key night and Walker had the best time playing with Grace and Ann Carlton. We joke that sweet Grace and Walker are betrothed because we were walking out of the hospital with Walker when they were walking in to have Grace so they are only two days apart in age. We stayed until 10 and Walker was a complete trooper and immediately passed out the second we put him in his carseat.  The best part was he slept in the next morning until 8:30!
Enjoying their yummy meal together!

He was completely out!
He even stayed asleep while we changed him into his pajamas. It was so cute and pitiful.
Elle ready for bed at Nanee's house Friday night after a matinee showing 
of the new Beauty and the Beast movie.

Saturday was a busy busy day for Elle! They were up bright and early and headed to the children's museum first. Elle loves the Children's Museum of Memphis so much and from the pictures we were getting that day she was having a big old time.
Really getting in there with that tooth brush.
Elle got a balloon animal made of her favorite stuffed animal of the moment "Boom Boom."
Annie's friend Caroline went with them and Elle really took to her.
Doing some fishing!

Next up they went bowling! This was Elle's first time to bowl and she loved it.
Walker was the sweetest little lazy baby with us.  It was raining and 
we just watched movies and hung out.

That afternoon we got a babysitter and met up with some friends. The weather had been beautiful all week and Kenny and I were dying to eat crawfish so we went to Little Dooeys with big plans to spend the afternoon there.  The weather wasn't ideal and then they ran out of crawfish the second we got there.  So the other place that was serving crawfish was a restaurant we never ever go to called Rosey Baby's. It also happens to be the restaurant that we went to for our very first date.  So when we  got there we had to take a picture in the spot we sat for our first date!  We enjoyed a long easy going afternoon with friends eating crawfish and then went to the Guest Room for one more drink and some dessert and then headed home for an early-ish bedtime.
Sitting where we sat 15 years ago on our first date.

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for early service and then drove over to Old Waverly because we had reservations for a Jazz Brunch. It was an amazing brunch and we had a great time with Walker at the club before we drove to Tupelo to pick up Elle. A great end to a relaxing and fun weekend for everyone.
Daddy and Walker hanging out before our table was ready.
We told Walker to "say cheese" and this is what he did.
Enjoying his breakfast and shooting me and my camera the side eye.
Never far from our choo choo.
Love my sweet boy.
All the one on one attention wore him out.  First nap in weeks!
We were so happy to have her home after her fun weekend.

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