Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So on the second and full day that we were at the beach it was very very cold but the sun was out and we were happy with that.  We put on our game faces and made sure we had the best day we could despite it being very chilly and breezy for Spring Break and being on the coast.  It really was still a beautiful day.  But that wind. Phew! We pretty much knew a full day down on the beach was a no go so we decided to take a walk down to Seaside for breakfast, coffee and a morning at the playground in Seaside that Elle and now Walker love.  We enjoyed the walk and the exercise to get coffee and breakfast.  We sat outside and let the kids run around for a while across from the coffee shop.

Walker enjoying a morning snack right when we woke up.  This is the bowl he chose to eat in.

Enjoying the sun being out and a nice walk on this beautiful morning!
I made them stop for a picture since we love this neighborhood!
Enjoying a morning bun from Amanda, the coffee shop.

Once we finished breakfast we strolled over to the playground.  Elle loves this sweet playground and this was Walker's first time there where he could actually play. He loved it just as much as Elle and it was a pretty popular place for families since it was too cold to go to the beach.  We played for a long time and then walked home where I made us some lunch.
How we rolled over to the park. They were actually being sweet this time but they 
did fuss over the stroller seat a good bit on this trip.
Loving the "wees" at the park.
The monkey bars were popular with Elle this year because she does 
them at school all the time. I love the look of determination on her face.
Trying to get a sweet brother sister shot and this was the best we got.
We played some basketball too. We need a good bit of practice.

After some lunch at home we braved the beach. The kids were just dying to get down there.  We brought a few towels and some beach toys but it was truly freezing. So cold.  However, it was so beautiful. You can see in the pictures, the sky was cloudy and gray and the water was a greenish turquoise. I am not sure I've ever seen the beach these colors and it was still so peaceful to be out there. We did not last long at all.  Elle quickly realized it was too cold to be out there and we went home and they took an extremely long hot bath and played for the longest time!
Watching Daddy and Elle put their toes in the water. 
He still wasn't sure about the sand yet. He quickly got over it.
She's insane for getting near that water.
Elle's face sums it up pretty much. Cold. Making the best of it all.
Daddy and Elle.
Attempted to make a sand castle. The temperature of the sand was so cold. 
We left almost immediately after this attempt.

After we warmed up and cleaned up, we went into Seaside for some food truck hot dogs and to see one of our favorite kids bands that we have seen in Seaside before sing at the amphitheater. They are called Huck and Lily and we bought their cd when we saw them in the summer so we knew all the songs.  It was pretty chilly as the sun set but we were dressed warmly and had a blanket.  Once Elle got to cold we stopped and had some ice cream and headed home for bed.  It was a great end to a cold but very fun day!
Stopped at Duckies for a treat from Daddy.
I love this picture. Look at her trying to work him. She didn't want to 
choose between the two things she was holding in her hands.
Told them to get together and Walker gave her a big hug!
Snuggled up watching Huck and Lily.

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