Monday, March 27, 2017


It is finally the last Spring Break post! Hooray! We threw around the idea of renting our beach house another night and staying Friday night because the weather was supposed to be so much warmer. But ultimately we decided to go ahead and pack up the car in the morning, spend the day at the beach and then drive over to Fairhope for the night to break up the drive. We also knew that Fairlope was having their art festival and thought it would be fun to take to the kids to that. And maybe Kenny and I could squeeze in a date night after our week with the kids!

So that Thursday night once we got the kids to bed I did lots of packing and then finished up Friday morning while Kenny went and picked up breakfast and coffee.  I packed us a cooler with sandwiches and lots of snacks and drinks and then we completely loaded the car and "checked out" of the house before going to park nearby and make our way to the beach. It was a beautiful day and the water was so blue.  It was still a little chilly when we first got down there but it quickly warmed up and we all ended up in our bathing suits soaking in the sun! Maybe a little too much sun! Eek!
 Elle snapped this picture of us on the beach!
 Enjoying the warmer day on the beach!
 Putting our toes in the water.
After a long day of sun, sand and water this one was totally exhausted and was practically falling asleep standing up while we washed the sand off of him.

After  fun day we washed a little bit of the sand off and changed into dry clothes and drove over to Seaside to pick up some hamburgers from Pickles to eat in the car and then drove to Fairhope and got in early evening.  Elle was so tired but that day happened to be St. Patricks day and Elle had big plans of her and Kenny setting a trap to catch a leprechaun.  Luckily Pop Pop had all the right supplies for exactly the kind of trap Elle was envisioning and they got it together in no time! After a few practice runs Elle was off to bed! When she woke up the trap had been set off but the tiny leprechaun had escaped! But somehow in the struggle had dropped a ton of chocolate coins behind! Elle was thrilled that she found his coins and knew those leprechauns are extremely hard to catch so wasn't disappointed that he got away!
Testing out their leprechaun!

On Saturday, we loaded the kids up and went downtown in Fairhope to walk around the Arts Festival and to see Gramma at the Cats Meow while she was working.  It was pretty hot but we got some yummy fair food before we came home to let the kids wind down and play. Then that afternoon Kenny and I got out for an early date night. We went and had sushi at our favorite restaurant at Master Joe's and then dessert at a little cafe down the street. It was the perfect way to end our week of time spent together as a family!
Walker getting some Gramma love at the store.
Pop Pop met up with us for little while and walked around with us.  Elle bought a 
leprechaun book at the bookstore and they were reading it together here!
Enjoying lunch in the shade.
Humongous corn dogs for the win!
Kisses for Daddy.
And hugs for Daddy!

Date night to end the trip! This picture is black and white 
because or faces were burned and bright red!
Dessert  and coffee nightcap

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