Thursday, March 23, 2017


It is day three of our vacation and the forecast told us that it would be a sunny beautiful day but also the coldest day we would have while we were there.  We also knew the next two days would start to warm up so we made some plans that didn't involve the beach and had another fun and relaxing day. Kenny was ending up in Elle's room at some point which was the bunk room most nights and they slept in a few mornings.  I would hear Walker calling me her the monitor so he and I would get up and on those mornings he was always so snuggly.  We would just cuddle up on the couch. 
We both have sleepy puffy eyes but I loved my morning snuggles.

On this morning we got dressed for the day in our uniforms of the sweatshirts we bought and the only sweatshirt I packed and we went to eat at one of our favorite places for breakfast, Cowgirl Kitchen. It was so good.  That spot has so many memories for us so it is always nice to go back.  We did sit inside this time to stay warm.
Walker cheesing with Daddy. He is playing with his new choo choo train 
that he got at Duckies the night before.
Waiting on the yummy food to arrive.
A family next to us was nice enough to take a picture with all of us. A rare gem.
The girls!

After we were done having breakfast we went into Seaside to paint pottery at Fired Up.  We have peeked in on this place many a time if we had a rainy day but this was the first time we actually stayed to create some pottery.  Kenny and Elle teamed up together to paint a small heart shape box and Walker and I worked together on a little round box with a bicycle on it.  Walker has been to paint pottery with us in Starkville before but wasn't able to do a whole lot. This time he stayed on task a little more and helped paint the box blue.  He did a great job.  Daddy and Elle's designs were a little more intricate and she chose to write I Love (with a heart) 30A on her box.  It was a fun morning and most of all we were warm!
Playing with the sponges for a little while!

Walker and I working on painting our box blue.
Daddy and Elle taking it extra serious as always.

Blow drying that coat of paint together.
Finished product before it was time to go into the kiln.

After we were done at the pottery place we went out to play in the amphitheater for a little while and then went and split some burgers and fries from pickles. After lunch we headed home to rest and relax.
Playing in the amphitheater with a ball we bought the night before. 
I don't think we have ever gone down there and not come home with at least one ball.

Elle complained the sun was too bright so she sported my sunglasses through lunch. I was cold.

That night we decided to just have a night at home and put the kids to bed on time so they didn't get to worn out. We enjoyed a low key afternoon and then late afternoon got into the car and drove over to Goatfeathers to get some boiled shrimp and fixing for Kenny and I's dinner and I bought some stuff to make spaghetti for the kids.  After we got the seafood we walked over to the popsicle shop for some popsicles. We all chose the cookies and cream flavor and it was so incredibly good! Walker went absolutely nuts for it and ate every single bite and got it all over himself but it was vacation so we just let it happen!
Excited for their popsicles.

That little drip catcher really did work for the most part until the very end 
and then it was a complete mess.

We put the kids to bed and enjoyed this feast while watching comedy specials on HBO. 
It was a great night!

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