Friday, March 24, 2017


It was our last full day at the beach and it was finally starting to warm up.  The breeze died down which helped a lot too. Thursday morning we went to Great Southern for breakfast and to kill some time and let the sun do its job! We always enjoy Great Southern for breakfast, the beignets and grits and vanilla pancakes are a hit with the kids!

After breakfast we went home and packed some lunches and headed down to the beach for a little while. It was a beautiful day.  It was still pretty chilly.  I was downright freezing at times but the kids are brave and got in the water some and alternated between their swimsuits and their sweatshirts. We still had lots of fun and once the kids got cold enough and tired enough we headed back to the house for another long hot bath!
The girls at breakfast!

Water was so pretty and Elle was so happy to finally have a beach morning!
Always a little timid at first and then he gets so into it. He loved the beach so much! 
Cant wait for summer!

Daddy helping him get aquainted.

Taking a break and warming up.
Enjoying our packed lunch on the beach.

After baths and showers for everyone we went back to Seaside to enjoy one last dinner at one of our favorite places, Bud and Alleys Pizza Bar. We love the food there and we love the patio overlooking the water. We don't always risk going out to dinner with the kids but this evening was relaxed and a great last evening together as a family.  
Hanging with Daddy waiting on his high chair!

Entertaining ourselves with some pipe cleaners while we waited for the food.
Walker is cracking me up in this picture!
My favorite pizza! The Clam Pie and a yummy cocktail.
Walker loves the Parmesan!

After dinner we absolutely weren't going to get out of there without getting ice cream one more time! 
Two sweet babies that are excited about their ice cream!

Daddy and Elle enjoying their cones.

These two love and adore each other.
One last picture in front of the big ice cream cone.

Walker getting a lift while we walked back to the car.

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