Wednesday, May 3, 2017


After our field trip Elle had her dance recital dress rehearsal that night.  I made sure to let her veg out and rest so that we would make it through without any major meltdowns. Gramma came in town that afternoon and was able to keep Walker while Kenny and I took Elle to the rehearsal. I like for Kenny to go too so that we can tag team the pictures and videos and plus we get to see her dance several times and we enjoy it so much!
Some of the girls in Elle's class. They were getting ready to head backstage.
More people arriving calls for more pictures. I loved the girls 
blue dresses and they looked really pretty on stage.
Alice, Elle, Ella, Audrey, Mary Mack and Abigail.
Little ballerinas.

Posing at the end of their dance.
We brought Clifford along with us so he could watch. This picture actually made Elle's journal entry. Clifford thought it was funny how many pictures and videos we took.

Just a little kick line during their tap number which was one of the cutest things I have seen.

Saturday was the big day. Elle's recital was at 2 which was nice because it meant we were in a huge rush that morning. I cooked some breakfast and my mom got into town mid morning and we went and had some lunch at the country club. After lunch we came home and I got Elle ready for her recital. It is always fun because she gets to have a little make up application. So it feels really special for her. Elle did a great job and we love how serisouly she took it and tried really hard. But we also love that when a little girl's shoe went flying off during the tap dance and it grazed her head she just acted surprised and giggled.  It was funny!  After she was done we gave her flowers and she was thrilled with a bear the dance studio gave them to congratulate them on a job well done! After she came out from backstage we took lots of pictures with our girl and then headed home to get Walker who was with a sitter. Then we went to hibachi to watch the man cook and were home early so we could put Walker to bed. He was very tired!

Clifford getting some ballet recital love.

He loved the part where there was a big fire.
The chicken was delicious!

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