Saturday, September 24, 2011


Kenny and I decided at the last minute not to go to Starkville for the game. After last weekend we weren't going to try and take Elle in again. We will try again for a day game if we have one. But right now it is just not a good idea when the kick off times are PAST her bedtime.

Anywho, I have to admit I was pretty pumped to be staying at home and relaxing. Looking at our calendar, Kenny and I have not been at home at the same time during a Saturday in months. Craziness!

Saturday morning, I had an appointment at a local spa for a pedicure and a Swedish massage and I could not wait. I was finally going to get to use the gift certificate that my coworkers gave me as a shower gift. I never got to use it because I went into labor on the same day they gave it to me. Wop wop wop.

So the pedicure is great and the massage is freaking amazing. Oh my gosh it was good. I love love love massages so much. (Side note: the massage therapist told me I hold all my stress in my butt. So weird) I get up after the massage is over all woozy and feeling great, walk to the counter to pay with my gift certificate. Give the gift certificate to the girl at the desk. She looks at it and says, "umm this is for the XXXXX Spa?" What the heck!!!! I was at the wrong spa!!! Seriously??? I cannot believe that. So I laughed it off and gave her my credit card. Cringing inside because I had totally not planned on spending $150 that morning. Gah Mallory!! Attention to detail!! Attention to detail. Had I even read the gift certificate? Yes! My brain just does not work anymore. So the spa was wonderful this morning and I still have a gift certificate to use. I deserved a little pampering right?

Since we had planned on going to Starkville for the game I had this adorable little outfit made for Elle so I had to let her wear it when we went to a restaurant to watch the State game. We won but my Dawgs have some serious work to do. Yikes!

Sunday I made monkey bread for breakfast which Kenny and I decided that I can no longer make because it is so good and so bad for you and we could not stop eating it all day. And then for dinner I made this Tortellini Tomato Soup that I pinned on Pinterest. It was really yummy. I of course doubled the recipe and it made a TON. So I froze some for another quick dinner.

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Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

hey! elle is getting so big! can i have your monkey bread recipe? i have been looking for one. also, just throw in the soup one, too, bc i am always looking to expand. if thats ok? hope yall are great!