Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Oh my gosh we have been so busy and I have so many things to blog about. We headed out of town this weekend for our first home football game against LSU and then headed to Hattiesburg where all of our family came in town to see Elting be baptized. So since there is so much to talk about and so many fun pictures I am going to break it all up into separate posts.

First off STARKVEGAS BABY!! We were so excited to take Elle to her very first game and it was a biggy. The bulldogs were facing off against LSU. After our sad loss against Auburn we were hoping for a win!

On Thursday we woke up and a cold front had moved through and it turned out to be very chilly. All the things I had brought for Elle "just in case" it was a little cool I ended up putting on her. Everyone was supposed to wear white and luckily I had brought a pullover because by game time it was freezing!
My BFF Megan who is due January 8 with her own little baby. Cannot wait!
One of our silly attempts to get Elle to nap at the tailgate.

Not sure what to think about this tailgating business.

We were anxious to see how Elle did at the game. The answer...not so great. We had a lot of things working against us. Kick off was at 7:30 and that is PAST her bedtime. So she was exhausted despite our attempts to try and get her to nap at the tailgate. Ha yea right! And the game was so loud, even though we had ear plug in her ears. She cried the entire first quarter and then we left. We ended up watching the game in the Alumni Center where it was very warm. Elle ended up staying up the rest of the game and playing, having the best time. We were sad we did not win. But still so excited for the rest of the season.
All bundled up in her tights that were waaaay to big, turtlneck and coat. It was cold!!
She fell asleep while we were walking off campus to our condo. So sweet. Poor tired baby.

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