Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It's that time of year and I could not be more thrilled. Kenny and I are so excited to be season ticket holders again for this football season and are loving all the excitement surrounding Mississippi State right now!

Life is about to get so crazy with all the traveling for home games plus everything else we have going on. We are planning on taking Elting to a lot of the games and seeing how it goes. I am praying that if we are laid back about it all that we all can have a good time. We could be totally out of our minds.

This past Thursday night the Bulldogs came to our hometown to give a beating to the Memphis Tigers. So Kenny and I went to the game with friends. Of course we had to make sure Elle was sporting maroon and white for her first game ever. And of course we had to get a family picture of this momentous occasion.

The game was so so so hot and kind of slow because the Tigers didn't put up much of fight. In typing this I just realized that we will be playing the Tigers for three games in a row. Memphis, Auburn and LSU. Hopefully we win against all those kitty cats!


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