Thursday, September 29, 2011


While I wasn't really planning on picking up a lot of new shows this fall, the exact opposite has happened. On top of the huge amount of reality television I DVR (which is the only way I can keep up with it all) I am actually watching a lot of comedies and dramas.

To name a few of the new ones:

Up All Night
NBC 2011 Fall TV Premiere: Up All Night image
New Girl
Terra Nova
(yes I am serious) Husband wanted to watch this one. He so rarely asks to watch a show so we always watch if he requests something. Poor thing though. EVERY SINGLE TIME he picks a show it gets cancelled. Sometimes halfway through the season. I joke with him he is the kiss of death for shows. Ha.

But my absolute new fave is Revenge!
My sister told me I needed to get on this bandwagon right away after last week. So I watched the first episode on Hulu and then the new episode last night. I am seriously loving it. I hope it stays as stellar as it is. I tend to love shows in the beginning and then after a couple of seasons I stop believing the plot lines and get tired of them. (Greys Anatomy cough cough) So fingers crossed. Loving all the pretty people and that it is based in the Hamptons.


Ashley said...

Loove Up All NIght and Revenge!!! You should try Hart of Dixie too on Mondays - love Rachel Bilson!!

Mrs. Lopez said...

We love Up All Night! As new parents its so funny to watch and relate to!