Thursday, September 8, 2011


Kenny has been out of town a lot lately for business. And I am one tired out momma. So when our friends Joe and Tracy invited us to their lake house for the holiday weekend we were excited to go. Only thing was...we didn't feel right about asking my sister to babysit the entire weekend. Kenny, wanting some daddy daughter time proposed that I head to the lake and spend some time with friends and he would hang out and keep Elle for the weekend.

Our entire family had the best weekend! I headed to the lake with Tracy Saturday morning to meet Joe and his parents and our girlfriend Rebekah and we were out on the water by that afternoon. Kenny loaded up Elle and took her to the zoo for her first time. They had a great time and I got lots of pictures!
Seeing Mommy's favorite. The elephants!

Panda bear was just passed out right next to the glass. Kenny had to get a picture.

After the seeing all the animals and even catching a sea lion show, Elting was worn out.

Back at the lake a little tropical storm named Lee was putting a damper on our plans of getting a good tan. When we woke up Sunday morning we could tell we weren't going to see the sun that day. So we spent the entire day snuggled up inside eating, watching girly movies, eating some more, drinking, eating and watching more movies. It was a smidge disappointing for everyone else because it was the last weekend of the "summer" but it was PURE HEAVEN to me to do absolutely nothing. At one point on Sunday I was in a recliner and felt drowsy so I rolled over and took a nap. HEAVEN I tell you.

We also played beauty parlor. Tracy had watched a YouTube video on how to do fish tail braids so she practiced on my hair because I L-O-V-E for people to play with hair.
Not a bit of make up in this picture and we wore yoga pants and tshirts all weekend.

Despite having gained a few pounds from all the junk we ate. I came home from the weekend feeling the most rested I have felt in a very long time and grateful for some down time and girl talk. And it was a HUGE bonus that I knew my little girl was so happy to spend so much time with her daddy. She is obsessed with him and totally smitten with him. It is so cute!
She looked this happy in every picture Kenny sent me this weekend.

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