Thursday, September 22, 2011


On Sunday we had Elle baptized in the church I grew up in and by the minister who was my youth director and also married Kenny and I. Our sanctuary is under renovation so they are having the service in the newly renovated fellowship right now.

Kenny's parents drove up from Fairhope and Elle was so blessed to have a lot of her family there for this great day!

Getting Elle dressed in one of the preschool rooms.

We were so nervous that Elle was going to scream at two things. The water and then Eddie taking her because she is having some stranger anxiety but she did great. Even sat through the rest of the church service quietly. Yay!

Elle, Kenny, me and Eddie

We did not have a baptismal gown in the family so I had one custom made for her by this seller on Etsy and I absolutely love it! She did such a fantastic job. And she also asked that I send her the slip back so that she can embroider Elle's initials and baptism date. We will continue to do this as the gown is passed around and down through the family and I love that thought.
Had to include this picture because my mom's TV died and my uncle just was not having it so he surprised her with a new one before we went to church Sunday morning. So of course Kenny had to check out some Sunday football on it when we got home. Priorities people!

My mom and I prepared a simple brunch of quiche and strawberry goat cheese salad for everyone. My aunt brought this amazing caramel cake all the way from Atlanta that reminded me of Minnie's caramel cake in The Help. It was so good and I am going to share the quiche recipes with you tomorrow because it was my first time to make quiche and they were awesome.


PrincessM said...

As long as it wasn't Minnies special cake ;)

Mrs. Lopez said...

That's great! We are getting Elizabeth dedicated in November!

J Press Designs said...

Love that purple dress! Oh, and Elting was cute too :)

SLH said...

How sweet!! I love the christening gown!!

Pamela McKenney said...

Elle, looked adorable! Wish we could of been there! Lots of Love!