Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to announce that a picture of Elting was featured on my favorite baby blog today!

On with the show....
On Friday morning after stopping at City Bagel for lunch (of course) we headed to Hattiesburg. My aunt and uncle were coming in town from Atlanta. This would be the first time they met Elting, their great niece. It is still kind of weird for them to hear us call her Elting because the name is my mother's maiden name and their last name. And it is an unusual name, especially to hear it used as a first name.

One of my mom's best friends, Susan and her husband, Dennis, were kind of enough to host all of us at their house for a shrimp boil. Dennis is from the coast and bought the shrimp that day. They were incredible. I am so sad because I am realizing I did not get a picture of Susan and Dennis. But the dinner was so much fun.

My Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike
Uncle Mike and Elting were good friends by the end of the weekend.
Had to include this picture from Saturday morning. This was my high chair as a little girl. My mom pulled it down from the attic and is going to keep it at her house for us to use. It is still to big for Elle but it did the job. She will have plenty of time to grow into it.

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