Friday, October 14, 2011


So I'm up. I've been up since 2-ish. Elle started fussing and I thought I would try just letting her fuss it out. Didn't work so much. She ended up hysterical and with Kenny and I both awake and trying to calm her down. So after an hour I picked her up out of the crib cuddled her and was changing her diaper and started humming to her. Once I put her back down in the crib I stood over her not touching her and continued to hum This is the first thing I hummed.

We saw Moneyball tonight...last night, whatever. It was so so so good. I was on pins and needles the entire time because I know nothing about the Oakland As. What a great story. Even if I did not particularly enjoy looking at Brad Pitt as much as I used to. His haircut was bothering me. Anyway, the girl who plays his daughter sings that song and she was excellent and the song is catchy.

After that I had to turn to the ol' standby, Adele's Someone Like You. I hummed the ENTIRE song. Including the bridge. Ha! By the time I was finished and I must say I think I sounded pretty amazing, Elle was drifting off to sleep. FINALLY!!

Then I climbed back into bed.(Kenny was already snoring) I couldn't get back to sleep. Ugg. Lately, if I wake up, I'm up. I lay there thinking about things I could be doing like blogging. Now I will pay severely for not having any sleep today. Yuck. Would this be considered insomnia?

We are looking forward to a fun weekend of MSU football. Yay! I think the weather is going to be fantastic and maybe, just maybe we can pull out a win against South Carolina. I know with the way we have been playing this is a long shot but I still love my Dawgs. For the tailgate I am making

and these

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