Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last week Elting and I traveled home to spend some time with my mom while Kenny was out of town for market. I love going home if Kenny is out of town because it is an extra pair of hands, someone to talk to and we go eat at all my favorite places in Hattiesburg. My mom is thrilled when we come because she loves getting to see Elle.

This weekend there was also a really big charitable consignment sale called Duds and Doodlebugs. It is huge. It takes up an entire arena and has everything from clothes (tons of them) baby gear, toys, strollers, you name it! I found a bunch of really cute things for Elle. I was shopping for bigger sizes for her. Can't believe I am already thinking about clothes for her when she is 2.

I love buying gently used clothes for Elting. I want her to have nice things but I just absolutely cringe at paying a lot of money for something she might wear for 3 months. So ebay, consignment sales, and brand sales are my friend for sure.

We got back in town in time to celebrate Kenny's 30th birthday on Tuesday. Since he had been out of town for business he took the day off to spend with us as a family. We did some shopping at his favorite store (Vineyard Vines duh!)

Kenny tagged along with us to Elting's 9 month checkup and then we went to the pumpkin patch. We decided to forgo going to the big pumpkin farm this year and instead visited the neighborhood church patch. We still picked out a very nice pumpkin and took some really cute and obligatory pictures. It was such a great day together.

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