Monday, October 31, 2011


Friday night we headed to Memphis Zoo's event Zoo Boo. It is hosted by LeBonheur Children's Hospital. My sister Annie decided to tag along with us. It is nights like this that I am so thankful we live in a city that is large enough to have fun events like this.

Elting was a little lamb and I personally thought she was precious. I could be a bit biased though. It ended up being a very chilly night. I prefer Halloween to be cold though, compared to past years where it could be in the 90s. We rode the Haunted Hayride and the train and stopped at all the trick or treating stations. Elting was exhausted by the time we left but it was such a fun night.

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J Press Designs said...

So adorable! The one with Elting by herself on the hay is the best!