Monday, November 14, 2011


I mentioned on Friday that we were headed for Starkville this past week for an extremely busy weekend in Starkville. We arrived in Starkville that afternoon. Our friends Megan and Patrick brought two of their friends along originally from Ohio. They wanted to see campus so we ended up walking over from our condo to campus and toured the ENTIRE thing. I have to say I loved it though. It was a cool afternoon and the leaves are beautiful right now. I finally went in the new Union and saw buildings I haven't seen since I graduated. We are always on campus for games but we usually hang around tailgates and there are people everywhere. It was nice just being there on a normal day. We even stopped in for some Mississippi State ice cream at the bakery.

Friday night Starkville was hosting Bulldog Bash in the Cotton District. There were so many people there. The condo we rent is on University where the event was being held. Making for amazing people watching. The headliner band was The Avett Brothers who were great. There were so many people in the streets it was kind of hard to get anywhere close to the stage. It also ended up being really really cold and windy. So were were pretty bundled up. After a while the girls ended up in one of the bedrooms talking where it was warm. It was still such a fun night.

Bundled up on the tailgate, trying to stay warm and people watching.
Hanging out just talking where it was warm!

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