Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This morning I woke up and looked around my house and thought, "who am I?" Our house was a mess. (for us at least) Dirty dishes in the sink. Full dishwasher, laundry hasn't been done, Elle's clothes strewn about her nursery. And we have zero groceries. We have been so busy or out of town that I had to get back on track today. But it has all been worth it.

Last night we met up at our friends house before we walked over to their neighborhood block party. After the party we strolled through the neighborhood and let the older kids trick or treat. We took Elle to a few doors. But it does feel a little awkward when you ask for candy and people know its for you because your BABY is incapable of eating it. I mean Elting doesn't even have any teeth yet.

After we trick or treated we were cold and hungry so we headed back for gumbo, french bread and I made pumpkin spice and chocolate chip muffins for dessert. It was nice and low key and a perfect fall evening.
Family picture on Elting's first Halloween.
Some of the girls
The boys...and Burt(one our friends wore a costume ha!)

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