Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Friday morning while my mom and sister Black Friday-ed it up. Kenny and I decorated the tree with Elting. I say this every year but I just love pulling out the ornaments and talking about them. Kenny and I give each other an ornament each year and they are so special to me.

We sat Elle down and let her play and she watched while we decorated and we listened to Christmas music. It was a great morning. The amount of packages is puny because I sent half of them home with my mom to go under her tree for Christmas morning. We are a little worried about getting everything to fit in the car for Christmas travel.

On Saturday, my mom and sister stayed in Memphis with Elting and Kenny and I headed to Starkville for the Egg Bowl. I cannot believe we went knowing it was supposed to pour the entire time. And pour it did!

The only reason we went in the first place and stayed for most of the game was because our seats were covered. So we were not getting poured on. But the wind still blew lots of rain our way. So the poncho (gifted to me by my nice lady friend sitting next to who I got to know over the season) was totally necessary.

And the Bulldogs were triumphant yet again! We smeared them! The game was a whole lot of fun! Now we are bowl eligible.

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