Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a fantastic Christmas holiday with our little family.  While Elle still didn't grasp the entire concept she understood A LOT of it. That made it supper fun.  By Christmas Day she was so excited to see anything having to do with Santa and Baby Jesus so mission accomplished.  

If you follow me on Instagram I am sure you have seen a lot of these pictures.  Sorry for the repeats.  

We started off the weekend on Sunday night grabbing a quick dinner at Newk's and then going to see Starry Nights. We have never been so late into December so the line was definitely long, but worth it.  Elle loved seeing all the lights, and horse and carriages go by.  I do think her favorite part was sitting up front with me.  She has never been able to do that before. (no worries, we were going like 5 miles an hour.)

 Taking in the lights.

On Christmas Eve morning we made cookies for Santa. Since Elle is a little too young to help with baking we just did slice and bake sugar cookies and let Elle handle decorating with sprinkles.  Kenny got creative and made a snowman, a candy cane and a Christmas tree. Elle shoved most of the sprinkles in her mouth. Good times.

Then it was off to Christmas Eve service.  We attended the Children's service and Elle was so excited to see Baby Jesus in person.
After church we went home to have some cocktails, stuff stockings, watch movies and enjoy chicken enchiladas.  The enchiladas are a huge Christmas Eve tradition in our house.
 No fireplace so the stockings ended up here. A mantle is on my MUST list for the next house we buy.
 Santa's presents left for Elle.  She loves her new easel!

Christmas morning, wouldn't you know Elle slept in.  We are still sleep training so I went in and woke her up around 8 because that is the latest she is supposed to sleep.  We were all ready to start Christmas by that point!

Elle would go through phases of being interested in opening presents.  There were a few gifts she was so excited about though and she has been playing nonstop with all of her toys.  I put a handful of them away in a closet to rotate out at some point.
 Playing with a new puzzle.
 Daddy playing with one of Elle's new Bitty Twins that looks a lot like him ha! 
Also modeling a new scarf I got him.
 This was the last present we opened and I started bawling as soon as I saw it.  We are moving in a week or so and I am going to miss our little house a lot.  It is the house we brought our little girl home too. The painting is from my mom and the artist did an amazing job capturing the quaintness of our house.  I am obsessed with, so thankful and cannot wait to hang it when we move.
Elle received some of the cutest toys and had so much playing with everything.  It was so fun to watch.

Christmas Day afternoon Kenny put Elle down for a nap and enjoyed some alone time (without the women) and the girls went to see Les Miserable.  The movie was amazing.  I cried through the entire thing but I would not of changed one thing about the film adaptation.  It was perfect. After the movie it was time for more Christmas movies and a traditional Christmas meal of ham, turkey and all the fixins.

We got one last Christmas surprise that night.  It snowed! Kenny took Elle out to play and they ended up making a small snowman which Elle was so excited about.
Look at the clothes on the child.  I had nothing appropriate for snow.  
All of that I put on OVER her footy pajamas ha! Our little vagabond.

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Looks like a great holiday! I love all the pictures